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At Alive Publishing Group Inc. (APG), we take pride in being the first-choice resource for millions of people around the world who want to participate more actively in natural health and wellness. We are constantly working to inspire, educate, and empower our readers, partners, and professional colleagues.

Our inaugural publication, alive magazine is a success story for Canadian publishing at a time when publishers around the world struggle to find a clear path forward. Not only has alive maintained its status as the most trusted Canadian natural health and wellness publication in the market for more than 40 years, but we’ve also expanded our reach to Australia and across the US with successful quarterly publications. It makes for a global partnership of more than 1 million readers per month.

Our history

The first issue of alive was published in 1975 by beloved natural health pioneer, Siegfried Gursche. This magazine was the first of its kind in Canada. It started with a print run of 30,000 copies and continued to grow from strength to strength. It was published by Gursche for the next 30 years.

In 1992, alive Academy was launched. This distance learning school was born from alive’s passion to further educate people about natural health.

As trendy as it was in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, alive launched a sleek new logo in 2002, to go hand in hand with the beginning of our online platform, alive.com. 

2009 saw APG go global, with the first issue of quarterly publication alive Australia.

Since then, APG has really started to grow and put itself at the forefront of the natural health industry. alive Research created its first research study in 2010, closely followed by the launch of our corporate wellness initiative, alive interactive, in 2011.

On the strength of alive Australia, we published the first issue of alive Australia Pharmacy in 2012. With Australian pharmacies employing the knowledge of naturopaths, alive Pharmacy allows those who shop in this channel to become well versed in natural remedies and to be introduced to complementary and alternative medicine.

In 2013, our very first alive Executive Summit took place with huge success, bringing together the great minds of the natural health industry at the executive level. A whopping 98 percent of attendees reported that they would return in 2015 for the second alive Executive Summit.

2014 was also a busy year. We launched our new grassroots research platform, alive Listens; we acquired a full-service video production studio, alive Studios; and we joined forces with Loblaw, launching sage magazine to take natural health information to the masses.

2015 saw the launch of our successful corporate wellness product, alive@work, a digital boutique version of alive content designed to increase wellness in the workplace, reaching leading companies and their employees across North America.

In 2017, APG reaches the American audience through 450+ distribution points across the US with the launch of alive USA, a game-changing quarterly magazine providing cutting-edge insights for eco-conscious consumers.

APG, with its long and wonderful history is ever evolving—and looking forward to what this thriving field has in store for us.

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