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alive Listens

As of fall 2019, alive Listens has moved to a new text-based platform. 

Launched in June 2014, alive Listens is our state-of-the-art online research portal made up of a grassroots group of dedicated natural health advocates. alive Listens engages consumers and produces in-depth results, allowing us to foresee trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Our natural health advocates are consumers who volunteer their time to be part of a hugely influential body of people. Advocates are asked to participate in surveys roughly once a month and to provide their opinions on a wide variety of topics and initiatives. Topics might include feedback on past articles, magazine covers, advertising campaigns, and general themes, as well as purchasing habits and preferences, exercise, and other wellness habits—anything we want to ask!

Alive Publishing Group truly values the time our advocates take to help shape our brand and the industry at large. With that in mind, we offer prize incentives and charitable giveaways throughout the year as a reward to our members for taking part.