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thrive is a free digital peek into what’s coming in the next issue of alive Canada magazine—sent exclusively to our retailers’ inboxes each month. It enables business owners to plan for inventory choices and make the most of their display and promotional materials. thrive also provides a wealth of valuable information designed to support our partners in a quickly evolving business environment.

The Key Products Feature provides a clear preview of supplements and other products that will be advertised in next month’s issue of alive. Plus, it includes a handy description of each item, with highlights and selling points.

The Company Profile reveals the story behind the products. Here, natural health product manufacturers have the chance to let retailers know what makes their company unique and inspiring.

Social Media Content from alive helps retailers engage with both current and potential customers on social media. thrive makes it easy by providing monthly post suggestions that take the guesswork out of social. These posts then drive readers to our partner stores by inspiring healthier lifestyles.