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alive Academy

Since 1992, alive Academy has been an unparalleled resource for readers, consumers, retailers, and retail staff who want to take their interest and knowledge in the field of natural health to the next level.

alive Academy offers single courses in an array of natural health and nutrition topics (such as the Natural Product Advisor course that educates retail staff on how to answer questions from shoppers), as well as full diplomas in Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Consulting. Our unique expertise and access to the latest research means that our courses are always up to date.


Distance learning gives students the opportunity to fit their education around their busy schedules and complete the programs within their own time. For businesses that would like to further educate their staff members, this makes learning easy and convenient, without the need to take time out of staff members’ busy work schedules.


Our Online Learning Centre allows students to remain connected with us, while learning at a distance provides instant test results, complete access to all course materials, and the option to connect with other students via email. Our students are regularly contacted to ensure that they are on track, and they are provided with student assessments that report their progress throughout their learning. We also have an active student forum on Facebook, where students can easily connect with each other to discuss course materials and learning methods.


Our goal is to inspire as many people as possible to be as passionate as we are about natural health, nutrition, and wellness. With that in mind, we provide several payment options to suit our students’ individual needs. This ensures that alive Academy is a feasible option for anyone wishing to pursue an education in natural health. 


Upon graduation from the Applied Nutrition or Nutritional Consulting diploma programs, students are eligible to apply for the following accreditations:

  • RNC (Registered Nutritional Consultant) designation through the Canadian Examining Board
  • RNCP (Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner) designation through the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants
  • additional designations from the American Association of Nutritional Consultants (AANC)