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deliciousliving.com is the hub for thousands of recipes and stories about living-well, drawing in users through engaging content programs and two robust weekly e-newsletters.

Recipes: Our recipes exist to make your eating experience healthy, delicious, and inspiring. DL is a reliable source for special-diet recipes (such as gluten free and vegan) that taste great and produce successful results. Our healthy recipes are tested and tasted by the DL staff, include fresh and natural ingredients, and are printed with complete nutrition analysis.

Products: We test, taste, use, and believe in the products you see on our editorial pages. All products showcased in our magazine and on our website have made an impression on the DL staff; our product choices are never influenced by advertising.

Trusted: The content you see on our pages and website has been fact checked and reviewed by medical professionals with the goal of bringing you accurate, easy-to-understand information about health and nutrition.

Standards: Our standards department reviews all existing and potential advertiser products to verify their ingredient, health, structure, or function claims are valid and true.

Community: You, us, and your local natural products store—together we inspire healthy lifestyles and support positive changes in the foods we eat and the products we use.