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alive.com is a vibrant resource for people who are passionate about and interested in natural health products and services.

This ever-changing platform showcases the best articles from alive Canada and alive USA, exclusive digital articles on trending topics, and exciting product giveaways. Readers can also find fantastic video content, including delicious recipes and how-to ideas.

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alive.com is much more than a one-stop shop. In addition to being a fun and engaging online read, we offer ways to keep readers returning to us for natural health knowledge and ideas. Some of these engaging options include using the site as a research tool and recipe finder.

Research tool

The alive.com archives contain thousands of articles on everything imaginable in the world of natural health and wellness. Readers come back again and again to research specific topics and find their favourite past articles.

Recipe finder

Stumped for dinner ideas? Here, readers can search for a key ingredient and browse through the myriad healthy recipes that alive has produced over the years. This is also a terrific tool for readers looking to provide their families with vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free fare.