Bruce W. Cole

Editor, CNHR Magazine

Lover of: family, people, the outdoors, farm life, photography | playing music, chopping wood, mending fences, reading | adventurous family day-trips, the occasional round of golf, and having some good old-fashioned fun!

Bruce’s first inkling he might be a writer came at age 10.

He studied journalism at Toronto’s Humber College and since 1977, has worked for community newspapers, national business magazines, and corporate communications. He co-founded CNHR in 1997 as a way to help the natural retailing community. He has travelled Canada extensively, visiting hundreds of health food stores and sharing their stories. Away from work, Bruce hangs with his two grandkids, helps out at the five-acre farm he shares with his wife, and pursues his second love—music—as a member of the Dr. Bruce Lee Band.