Tracy Peternell

Group Content Director

Instagram link @meetthepeternells

Mom of two girls and perpetual seeker of knowledge | Organizer of ideas and more ideas | Loyal friend and fun finder| Eternal optimist, occasional realist | Lover of the beach and the forest equally, a good coffee and family time all the time|

Tracy began contributing to alive Canada as a writer in 2016, joined the Alive Publishing Group as Editor-in-Chief of alive Canada in 2018 and was named Group Content Director in early 2020. A healthy living enthusiast and certified teacher, Tracy holds Bachelor degrees in English Literature and Education from the University of British Columbia. As a previous high school English and mental health teacher, freelance writer, editor and copywriter, Tracy combines unique organization and leadership skills with a love of writing and a passion for the written word.

As Editor-in-Chief of alive Canada, Tracy is able to intertwine her personal convictions about the benefits of natural health and wellness with Canadian’s desire to read and learn more about it in alive. A firm believer in the power of collaboration, Tracy works with the entire team at APG to bring inspiring, engaging and educational content to Canadians and readers around the world.

As a mom of two little girls, Tracy takes the role of idea generation to heart through a love of creative activities with her family and the pursuit of a healthy, well-balanced life that combines work and family in all the best ways.