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Live Naturally

A celebration of the natural and organic lifestyle, Live Naturally magazine has one simple goal: to help you live a healthy, vibrant, and balanced lifestyle. Alive Publishing Group welcomed Live Naturally to its suite of products in November 2021.

Live Naturally is a quarterly magazine distributed exclusively through Kroger stores nationwide. Uniquely branded to each division, this high-quality lifestyle magazine educates the shopper, shapes new buying habits, and inspires brand loyalty.


Live Naturally is a trusted, objective, educational platform that:

  • influences customers seeking healthier options for thems­elves and their families
  • reaches mainstream consumers eager to learn about natural products
  • acts as a key partner in Kroger’s skyrocketing sales of natural products
  • is a go-to educational resource for the Kroger shopper
  • includes product reviews, recipes, coupons, and more
  • is prominently displayed at the entry to stores