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alive@work is the showcase product of alive Corporate Wellness and presents digital wellness content specially crafted for our corporate wellness business partners. More than 400 corporations in North America deliver each monthly issue of alive@work directly to more than 700,000 employees.

Companies that subscribe to this publication customize it with their own logo and wellness initiatives, which appear alongside must-read articles and recipes. Employees can access this eco-friendly and easy-to-use digital publication from anywhere, whether they are on a lunch break, commuting home, or relaxing on the weekend.

Fully optimized for mobile devices, alive@work includes bite-sized articles and actionable tips designed to inspire employees from every sector in making sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices.

alive@work has proven to be a truly fresh and exciting addition to corporate wellness initiatives nationwide, helping businesses create a culture of wellness that both attracts and retains great talent while actively bridging the gap between employee health and corporate needs.


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